The sum of my failures
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Why I am coding this?

    I needed to look big avi files from linux because of implementing DivFix++'s 2GB avi file support. But I can't Because there is no good editor for Linux, which supports files larger than 2GB. I couldn't believe this for beginning. But after lots of search, I realize the fact that every hex editor in linux needs to copy every byte at your RAM. I don't know shell hex editors and how they are good in linux, It might be useful but I wanted a hex editor with beautiful GUI. Hexing a file is complex enough, why make it harder with shell programs? I used WinHex at my past while I am windows boy, but I grown, who uses windows except gaming? WinHex is fantastic, professional program. wxHexEditor will not as good as WinHex. Even you cannot compare them. My program will be (I wish) a simple hex editor specialy for big files. Might be you can dump memory and raw device access (like HDD/Floppy/CD...) at future.

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