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    wxHexEditor is another Free Hex Editor, build because there is no good hex editor for Linux system, specially for big files.
Icon donated for wxHexEditor by Vlad Adrian


Low Level Data Recovery with wxHexEditor

    wxHexEditor is not an ordinary hex editor, but could work as low level disk editor too.
If you have problems with your HDD or partition, you can recover your data from HDD or from partition via editing sectors in raw hex.
You can edit your partition tables or you could recover files from File System by hand with help of wxHexEditor.
Or you might want to analyze your big binary files, partitions, devices... If you need a good reverse engineer tool like a good hex editor, you welcome.
wxHexEditor could edit HDD/SDD disk devices or partitions in raw up to exabyte sizes.

!Help request for Multi-Language Support!

Currently, only English, Turkish and Russian (partially) language supported.
If you want to translate this program to your native language,
You can use Transifex wxHexEditor project
Or ask help of google translation service Google Translator for speed up your translation!
You can use this file this file
for translation. If you want to do this with program, I advice using Poedit
Also note that, you don't needed to translate some HASH names, symbols and formats ( like MD5, SHA, 0xFF, xxxx)...
Thanks for donating your time!

wxHexEditor Wiki!

Where is the documentation of the wxHexEditor? At no where. Until now.
You can find shortcuts of wxHexEditor at this wiki page .


  • Version 0.24 Beta Released! (31/12/2017 Happy new year release!
    • Fixed many critical bugs and assertions. (Thanks Mikhail Kasimov for Beta testing.)
    • Fixed MacOSX dialog crashes and make OSX version usable again.
    • Added Windows Disk & Partition raw write.
    • Added TAG redo/undo support.
    • Added Portable mode support.
    • Added Clang compilation support.
    • Added space check and error check while saving.
    • Added "+Offset-" byte shifting feature.
    • Added TAG remove with right click at TAG panel.
    • Added Preferences dialog save on change for example on font sizes.
    • Added Quick and Normal Tag creation shortcuts.
  • Version 0.23 Beta Released! (04/12/2014 Hey, it's my birthday!)
    • Added many more languages!
    • Fixed many bugs that leads to crash and memory leaks.
    • Implemented prefetched functions. (SSD buster!)
    • Fixed some cosmetic errors.
    • Fixed C::B compilation for all OS'es.
    • Added Sorted Tag Saving / Loading
    • Fixed Injection function.
    • Implemented file change detection reload ( on wxWidgets > 2.9 )
    • Implemented file compare connector to scroll 2 files at once.
    • Added remember last panel states.
    • Fixed TagEdit enabling code for addesses > 0xFFFFFFFFh.
    • Sync with langulage files.(Added many languages!)
    • Added MultiSearchAtBinary function, allows faster search on FindAll.
    • Fixed logical sectors start. Now starts from 0 instead of 1.
    • Added AutoShowTag option to preferences menu.
    • Added auto tag panel popup with Process RAM open.
    • Fixed Process RAM seeking.
    • Added Report a Bug & Donation menu items :)
    • Find Some Bytes button doesn't close find dialog anymore.
  • Version 0.22 Beta Released (09/05/2013)
    • Now, supporting many codepages/encodings, including almost all DOS, ECBDIC, Windows CPs.
    • Also supporting multi character codepages like Shift JIS, UTF8/16/32 and others....
    • Added gksu and gksudo support for easy privilage elevations.
    • Added Russian translation, non-complete. (by Nikolai Novikov)
    • Fixed MacOSX binary issues that appears at old version due wx2.9
    • Many bug fixes also some usage changes.
  • Version 0.21 Beta Released (01/01/2013)
    • Device and Partition Backup/Restore and Erase tools.
    • Customizeable hex panel formatting.
    • Customizeable colours!
    • Linux Process Memory Read/Write access.
    • MultiLocale support with Turkish Language
    • Options Panel
    • Fixed Hex control input
  • Version 0.20a Beta released with Fixed Hex control input
  • Version 0.12 v0.20 Beta Released (29/2/2012)
  • wxHexEditor v0.11 Beta Released (17/6/2011)
  • PAD File available for publishing this tool.
  • v0.10 Pre-Beta Released( 19 March 2011 )
  • Reddit says "wxHexEditor: A new hex editor that aims to not suck."
  • v0.09 Alpha Released( 23 April 2010 )
  • v0.08 Alpha Released( 20 Feb 2010 )
  • v0.07 Alpha Released( 22 Feb 2009 )


  • It uses 64 bit file descriptors (supports files or devices up to 2^64 bytes , means some exabytes but tested only 1 PetaByte file (yet). ).
  • It does NOT copy whole file to your RAM. That make it FAST and can open files (which sizes are Multi Giga < Tera < Peta < Exabytes)
  • You can work with delete/insert bytes to file, more than once, without creating temp file!.
  • Could open your devices on Linux, Windows or MacOSX.
  • Memory Usage : Currently ~25 MegaBytes while opened multiple > ~8GB files.
  • Could operate with file thru XOR encryption.
  • Has multiple views to show multiple files in same time.
  • Has x86 disassembly support (via integrated udis86 library) to hack things little faster.
  • Has colourfull tags to make reverse engineering easier and more fun.
  • You can copy/edit your Disks, HDD Sectors with it.( Usefull for rescue files/partitions by hand. )
  • Sector Indication on Disk devices, also has Go to Sector dialog...
  • Formated CopyAs! It's easy to copy part of a file in HEX format for C/C++ source, ASM source, also supports HTML,phpBB and Wiki page formats with TAGs!!
  • Supports Hex or Text editor alone operation.Also can disable Offset region.
  • Supports customizeable hex panel formatting and colors.
  • Allows Linux Process Memory Editing operations
  • Comparison of binary files, allows merge of near results.
  • Supports ***many*** encodings including almost all DOS/Windows/MacOS CPs and multi-character sets like UTF8/16/32, Shift JIS, GBK, EUC_KR...
  • Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal and LBA ("Sector+Offset") addressing modes, (switchable one to another by right click of mouse on Offset panel.
  • Save selection as a dump file feature for make life easier.
  • "Find Some Bytes" feature for quickly find next meaningful bytes at file/Disk
  • MD/RIPEMD/SHA/TIGER/HAVAL/CRC/ADLER/GOST/WHRILPOOL/SNEFRU checksum functions (via integrated mhash library.)
  • Import & Export TAGs support from file.
  • Written with C++/wxWidgets GUI libs and can be used with other OSes such as Mac OS, Windows as native application.

I want it, go to download page!

Last changes on svn

r326:Fixed hex panel character input corruption.
r325:Fixed MSW File format change artifact.
Fixed MSW Disk filtering.
r324:Removed "Only" words from view hex/text panels.
Places some warning messages to backup/restore/erase (B.R.E.) tool functions.
Removed "\\Device" disks at B.R.E. tools for Windows. (Needed to
implement R/W from this devices.)
Fixed some bugs.
r323:Implemented Disk Backup/Restore & Erase tools.
r322:Fixed preferences color update.
Fixed OSX compilation.
r321:Fixed MSW and MAC compilations.
Fixed some bugs.
r320:Added remembering last addressing mode of offset panel.
r319:Fixed preferences dialog show changes immeditially.
r318:Enabled custom hex area formating.
Added pre-defined 3 hex area format.
Fixed resizing function at HexEditorCtrl.
r317:Implemented custom hex coloring at Preferences dialog.
Implemented custom hex formating internals, but not enabled yet.
r316:Fixed some text formating for prepare localizations.
Fixed automake 1.12 compatibility. ( Thanks Lazy Kent & Gert Hulselmans )
r315:Implemented Multi Language support.
Adjusted preferences dialog with color picker controls.
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If you want to join development, you welcome because it's little heavy for just one developer.

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